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Clear Acrylic Grid Wall Sign Holders

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Clear Acrylic Grid Wall Sign Holders



Clear Acrylic Grid Wall Portrait Sign Holders

Clear Acrylic Grid Wall Landscape Sign Holders


These extremely popular sign holders simply hang onto standard Grid wall. Available in portrait (taller than they are wide) or landscape (wider than they are tall). May have holes which can be used for wall mounting. Sketches may not be accurate or to scale.

Made of approximately 1/8in thick acrylic with polished edges.  Some of these sizes are also available for Peg Board Slat Wall, and Wall Mount.

To learn about Grid Wall Displays, Peg Board Displays, Slat Wall Displays, and Wall Mount Displays, click Here.


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Available in the following sizes. 
Click on the item number to go to that item's order detail page.
Please read the dimensions carefully.  Make sure you are ordering the size you want.
Item Number Overall Dimensions
H x W
Portrait - these are taller than they are wide
AC3034 3 1/2in high x 2in wide
AC3029 5 1/2in high x 3 1/2in wide
AC3031 7in high x 5 1/2in wide
AC3035 11in high x 7in wide
AC3039 11in high x 8 1/2in wide
AC3043 14in high x 11in wide
Landscape - these are wider than they are tall
AC3033 2in high x 3 1/2in wide
AC3030 3 1/2in high x 5 1/2in wide
AC3032 5 1/2in high x 7in wide
AC3036 7in high x 11in wide
AC3040 8 1/2in high x 11in wide
AC3044 11in high x 14in wide

H x W x D = Height (top to bottom) as shown x Width (side to side) as shown x  Depth (front to back) as shown and these are overall dimensions. All dimensions are approximate and subject to change without notice.


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