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This page is to order The World's Oldest Discovered Rug: The Pazyryk Coaster Rug - Set of Four Coasters


For a limited time ... your price each is: $15.55


CoasterRug - World's Oldest Discovered Rug: The Pazyryk - Pack of 4
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For a limited time only - BUY NOW & buy as many as you want for only $15.55 each.
This is a tremendous discount. Our genuine MouseRugs & CoasterRugs have never been this low. These sell in stores for as much as $29.95 and more.  Get your holiday or gift giving shopping done right here! 

The World's Oldest Discovered Rug: The Pazyryk Coaster Rug - Set of Four Coasters

Discovered in 1947, the Pazyryk Rug was found in a burial mound dating from the 5th Century B. C.—about 2,500 years ago!  This distinctive MouseRug pattern meticulously created from photo images of the Pazyryk, to produce a pattern and colors from images of the world's oldest discovered rug. Originally constructed of 200 knots per square inch, the Pazyryk Rug is similar to later oriental rugs with the classic central field and surrounding decorative borders with images. Geometric and floral design elements along with a procession of horses are featured in this amazingly well-preserved ancient rug. This Pazyryk inspired MouseRug is beautifully reproduced with earthy red colors, shades of moss green and highlights of gold. The principle reason we have this rug today is because it was preserved frozen in ice for thousands of years. Mongolians are credited with weaving the first pile rugs, which were later refined by the Persians. The precise origin of the Pazyryk Rug is unknown.

Dimensions: 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" including fringe.

For more details or information and for other patterns available, check out our MouseRug and CoasterRug Gallery HERE.


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