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Policies - Terms of Business

Using our website, and/or placing an order with Morgan Depot constitutes your acknowledgement that you have read the following Terms of Business and agree to them. An invitation to read these terms of business is posted on every page in this site and is the responsibility of the purchaser to read and understand before proceeding.


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Introduction Back to Top of Page
We want your shopping experience with us to be a pleasurable one and we want you to be happy with your purchase and with our company. We hope that you will tell your friends about us. We provide the following terms and policies with which we conduct business. For our philosophy of doing business and our priorities, please read our About Us page.

Prices And Specifications Back to Top of Page
We work very hard to make sure that advertised prices are competitive and accurate. However, errors can happen and we cannot control market fluctuations. Therefore, prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. If you have ordered an item that has incurred a price increase, we will hold your order and notify you before your purchase is shipped. If a manufacturer has changed the specifications of a product, we are not responsible for any such changes. If a price is posted at $0.00, it is a product that is being researched or in the process of being added and the page is being tested, obviously, we cannot sell products for zero dollars. Orders placed for items at $0.00 or similar testing figures cannot be honored. Also, we cannot be responsible for any typographical errors in pricing or specification. The pictures shown of the items we sell have been provided by the manufacturer and are meant to provide an idea of what the product looks like. And, we do not have photos of every item. Actual appearance may be slightly different, especially for items that are unique, one of a kinds, hand made, etc.  Discount prices are based on volume per order.

Product Availability Back to Top of Page
There may be times when an advertised item is sold out or in very short supply. Manufacturers, distributors, etc., cannot always predict supply and demand figures. Delivery dates are dependent on suppliers and are therefore beyond our control. We will do our best to always ship every purchase in a timely manner and to notify you if an item you have ordered has become sold out or in short supply. Many of our products are custom made or for other special circumstances, require time to prepare and/or package for shipment. Therefore delivery times may be longer than anticipated. Historically, statistics show that about 80% of our orders are done in a couple of weeks so some orders can take longer.  Obviously, availability and order processing times of any given item vary from time to time.  We will try to notify you of any extended times required for delivering your purchase. Some items may be shipped directly from the manufacturer or a distributor location at our option. If an item you have ordered has been discontinued, we will contact you and let you know what recommended item may be substituted. If no suitable replacement can be found, we will issue a credit to your charge card. Pictures of items in all of our advertising are for illustration purposes only. Because manufacturers do not always notify us of changes, actual products shipped may vary slightly. Many of our items are custom, made to order items and therefore may take time to ship. These times are subject to craftsmen and shipping and may vary. Once an item is ordered, you cannot cancel an order.

Displays industry products come from all over the world, not just here in the US. Like so many other products, many used to be made here, but economic shrinkage has caused many US manufacturers to go out of business or move overseas.  Also, because of shrinking profitability, many importers have decided to stop importing many items.  And as you may know, plastic products are petroleum based products.  So as the prices & availability of oil goes, the display stands business goes.  Over the 45 years that we have been selling displays, we've never seen the industry as it is today and the future is going to be even more... interesting... to say the least. More & more in recent years, most of our competitors have now decided to only carry their "best sellers" which means you don't get much of a selection.  We've decided to try to keep as many choices 'alive' as possible.  We offer over 50,000 displays made of a wide variety of materials from all over the world.  And we work very hard to keep a good supply here in the US ready to fill orders. There are times when demand is much higher than at other times.  Generally speaking, from fall through the holidays is huge.  This is when stores are buying the displays they need for their Christmas seasons and then consumers are buying displays they need for events. There can also be regional demands from time to time that boost demands and shrink immediate availability.  Seasonal sales needs, tradeshow seasons, traditional times of heavy demand can all increase times needed to fill orders. With all these things in mind, please understand that it is impossible to ALWAYS have ALL of the displays everyone may want at any given time.   While we've served around 2.7 million customers with a 99+% satisfaction rate, there's always a few troublemakers out there who don't plan on time & want to blame the merchant if their rush can't be met.  What was that old saying, "you can't please all of the people all of the time." In general, it is always a good idea to figure on 2 to 3 weeks of production time.  Many orders may go out faster, some may take longer - about 80+% - are done in approximately 2-3 weeks.  So it is always a good idea - common sense really - if you have a deadline, check before ordering to see if your schedule can be met or explore alternative items, routes, etc.

Customer Privacy Back to Top of Page
Morgan Depot has a policy of not releasing personal information to anyone outside our organization. We will not sell your name or address information to anyone without your prior consent. All information gathered during your visit with us is for our own tracking and marketing purposes only.

Security Back to Top of Page
Our checkout stand uses industry standard data encryption techniques which work in conjunction with your current version web browser to ensure that your data may be transmitted confidentially. If you are using an old browser, which does not support SSL, you must update your browser before you place an order. Any "cookies" used by our store system are simply for tracking purposes. Customer databases are stored on separate servers secured well away from outside access. We also work very closely with law enforcement agencies to track, capture, and prosecute person(s) who may attempt to break into our system. Orders over a certain dollar amount may require additional verification.

Payment Options Back to Top of Page
We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. You may also pay using the PayPal payment service. To help us keep costs down by reducing the risk of fraud, your card is authorized when you place your order using the latest technology in secure verification software/procedures. It is then charged when we have assigned materials for fabrication of your order or initiated shipment of the item to you. Credit card companies use your billing address information in the verification process, so be sure to provide us with your correct credit card billing address information as well as your ship-to information and phone numbers. Providing this information will help avoid delays in processing your order. If your ship-to information is different than the bill-to information on your credit card, you must contact your credit card company directly and advise them of the alternate address. We reserve the right to verify charge card billing address, or to ship only to charge card billing address. At this time, we do not accept COD orders.

Shipping Back to Top of Page
Because of the nature of our merchandise, some items may take some time to be manufactured, packaged, and/or shipped. Though we try and do everything possible, all orders are NOT shipped the same day the order is received. Some of our items are custom made or made to order. Some come from foreign manufacturers. Many are stock items that we can ship the same day we receive your order. If you need to receive an order by a specific date, call us before placing an order and just assuming it will arrive by some time you have in mind. We'll do everything we can to get your item to you, if possible. Also, when UPS or FedEx & other carriers use terms like "3 day service" for example, that means your order will take 3 normal business days to deliver, after the day of shipment. Saturdays, Sundays, and any holidays observed by UPS and FedEx & other carriers are not included. Shipping/mailing companies may experience unforeseen delays and we cannot be responsible for resulting delays in filling orders. We will do everything we can to expedite as much as possible, however, many delays are far beyond our control. You cannot cancel an order simply because it did not arrive when you wanted it to. Refused shipments will be charged return shipping and restocking fees. Some shipping times may be longer than expected or promised because of weather delays, for example. These delays our far beyond our control. If our order page shows a zero amount or other inaccurate amount for shipping, we will contact you with the proper amount. Orders may require verification of delivery address, so please provide daytime phone number. We reserve the right to possibly require an adult signature or a signature with ID for some shipments. Damages in shipment must be reported to the delivery person at the time of delivery and prior to signing for the package. A shipment that has been signed for will be assumed to be in good condition. Refused shipments may be charged a service fee and/or a restocking fee and all shipping & handling charges. The customer is responsible for all rerouted packages or signature by anyone other than customer.

Sales Tax Back to Top of Page
By law, we must charge sales tax where applicable.

Warranties Back to Top of Page
All products sold by Morgan Depot carry full original manufacturer's warranty if applicable unless otherwise specified. No other warranties are expressed or implied. Morgan Depot makes no warranties expressed or implied as to the fitness of any item for any particular purpose. You should keep all the packing materials and documentation that come with your order in case you ever need to send it to the manufacturer. The manufacturer of the item carries the responsibility for any warranty periods which may apply to any item.

Returns And Refunds Back to Top of Page
One of the many things that sets us apart in the mail order industry is the quality of what we sell. Because we want to ensure all of our customers that they are receiving top quality merchandise that is pristine and new, we have established the following return policy. Virtually all sales are final. Of course, defectives or damaged-in-shipment may be returnable, but only after receiving an RMA number from us for replacement. You must contact Morgan Depot for proper return procedures. If a replacement is not available after we have exhausted any chance of finding a replacement, then a refund may be requested. Refused shipments may be charged a 20% restocking fee and the customer will be responsible for all shipping charges to and from Morgan Depot. Shipping charges are nonrefundable. In no event will Morgan Depot accept a return of any item that has been abused, neglected, or in any way damaged or diminished by the customer. Some products, such as display items, may not be returnable under any circumstances. We have developed this policy to protect those customers who are genuine customers. You cannot return an item for reasons such as changing your mind, finding it elsewhere at a lower price, it went on sale shortly after you purchased it, it did not arrive on time, etc. Summarily, the only valid reason for requesting a return is a damaged during shipment or a defective item - which may be replaced as described above. Unauthorized shipments from customers will be refused and returned to customer.

Errors And Omissions Back to Top of Page
We work very hard to make sure that all content of our website is accurate. However, we are humans and might make a mistake once in a while. Also, there may be "glitches" in the servers and all the complex programming that makes up an on-line web store and secure checkout stand. These types of things are a part of our lives in this computerized world. Morgan Depot cannot be held responsible for typographical errors or omissions. When we verbally quote any price or specification about any product, we are providing that information from the documentation supplied to us by the manufacturer and/or the distributor. Good-faith effort is made to ensure that the information is accurate. However, we cannot be held responsible if prices or specifications that we quote are later found to be in error or were in part or in full omitted.

Limitation of Liability Back to Top of Page
All merchandise is sold in good faith to be as described. Morgan Depot makes no warranties expressed or implied as to the fitness of any item for any particular purpose. Morgan Depot will not be responsible for any accidental, consequential or any other special damages which may occur even if Morgan Depot or any of its employees or agents are made aware of such damages or the possibility of damages. While enormous efforts have been taken to ensure complete security and safety of all information and products, Morgan Depot will not be responsible for any damages resulting from server attack, hack, or virus, be it against our servers or any of our manufacturing or distributing partners. In no event will Morgan Depot be responsible for any amount which exceeds the amount paid by the customer for an item at issue. In no event will any of Morgan Depot employees, officers, or other representatives be responsible for any claims whatsoever made against Morgan Depot.

Miscellaneous Back to Top of Page
All trademarks mentioned throughout this site may be registered trademarks of their respective companies. Morgan Depot is not responsible for any misrepresentation of any product by any manufacturer or any public or political involvement of any manufacturer, distributor, partner, employee, or agent. All descriptions, policies, and statements contained in this document or provided by our employees are as accurate as possible. We reserve the right to make changes as needed without prior notice. We reserve the right to refuse any sale for any reason. In the event that one or more of the policies contained herein may be found to be unenforceable, it shall not affect any other policy. All content of our printed or electronic media materials are owned by Morgan Depot, and any unauthorized reproduction or use may be in violation of certain laws.

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